Outdoor Remote Control quadcopter

The Bladez 3D Outdoor Quadcopter has proven wrong all those people who say mini RC quadcopters are only for one thing – flying inside because as you’ve probably guessed this one likes going outdoors!

So what has changed to make this mini rc quadcopter able to fly outside?

Well basically it’s bigger, tougher and more controllable.

What makes this so much easier to control?

The controllability is due to the use of a 3 channel control system as opposed to the normal two. The result of this is flying becomes smoother, more power and more precise. That means normal flying is a whole lot easier but what’s even better is that it also allows for much more advanced flight manoeuvres.

Is it a remote control quadcopter for everyone?

Well to put it bluntly. No.

As I’ve just mentioned this is a 3 channel controlled RC quadcopter review. This means it’s a lot easier to fly for the pros but is the opposite for beginners who will find it spinning out of control in seconds (if you’re that beginner go for a two channel such as the …. first then move up to this..)

Anything else you should know about the Bladez 3D Outdoor Quadcopter?

Well I’m glad you asked because there are a few things.

The first is that this is a remote control system that’s been designed to avoid interference with other remote control users. In other words you can fly your Bladez 3D Outdoor Quadcopter where others are flying theirs without the worry of yours falling out of the sky!

Alongside that the charge time / flying time is relatively good with 30 minutes charge giving you 8 minutes of flight, though if I’m honest I’d prefer more from an outdoor quadcopter.

How Good Does It Look In The Air?

Well the best way to answer that is for you to check it out in action:

Is It Easy To Get Hold Of?

Yes. It does seem to be widely available. If you want a recommendation from me, then it would have to be AMaZON purely for their amazing customer service also you can compare best Quadcopter under $100!